FAB24 Gauge Metal Technologies

FAB24 Gauge Metal Tecnologies“Embracing Technology and adding the third dimension to metal fabrications”

Corus PartnershipFAB 24 has been supplying the construction industry in Scotland with quality gauge metal fabrications of varying complexity, shape and design since 1993.

Gone are the days that portal framed buildings were classified as no more than industrial sheds.  Technology has advanced so much that, throughout the architectural fabrications market, products are readily available to enable adventurous architects to create futuristic and eye catching building designs.

The gauge metal fabrications, which complement and enhance the main building fabric, are now in reality design statements, intrinsic within architects' concepts, and can be utilised regardless of whether modern or traditional construction methods and materials are employed.

Buildings now require gauge metal fabrications, which will enhance and highlight their unique and individual architecture.  The need for innovative products has never been greater.


FAB 24 can design and manufacture bespoke fabrications to complement the building’s design concept, without breaking the budget, as cost engineering is a pre-requisite for all bespoke and customised fabrications.

The list of products that FAB 24 categorise as standard is extensive and includes, aerofoils, bullnoses, fascia flashings, membrane lined gutters, in both aluminium and galvanised steel, gutter straps, fascia planks, soffit planks, fixed blade louvres and operable blade louvres, ridge and slope mounted ventilators, extruded aluminium rainwater pipes and accessories, roofing and cladding flashings, soaker units, roof access hatches, window pod units, snaptight cappings, facetted flashings, curved flashings, cassette panels, rainscreen panels, sill units, profiled sheets, mock louvres, perforated and pre-punched flashings, secondary steelwork sections and diaphragm brackets, ogee gutters, column encasures, louvre doors and fire door skins.

FAB 24 has since 1995 been carrying out all of its manufacturing operations under a formally approved and certified Quality System.

The current Quality System of FAB 24 meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000, and is registered within the BM TRADA Certification scheme for approved Quality Systems.   

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