Snap-Capping Systems

Curved Cap Flashing

FAB 24 Snaptight Capping

The Snaptight Capping System has been designed to be versatile and user friendly with ease of site assembly very much in mind. As there are no fixings penetrating the actual capping it is extremely watertight, virtually maintenance free, reliable and very robust, and its clean lines will offer architectural appeal to the top of any facade.

Supplied in 2mm and 3mm PPC aluminium or 2mm PVDF

The pre-holed snap-brackets are designed facilitate any adjustments necessary to achieve an accurately aligned and level installation prior to snapping the capping on to the brackets. The brackets are normally spaced at 750mm maximum centres which are adequate for most locations. However, for more exposed conditions. 600mm maximum centres should be used, and 500mm maximum centres for the most severe conditions. Thermal movement as a result of expansion and contraction of the capping is accommodated by the bracket’s unique snaptight design which allows the capping to float lengthwise along the brackets and also for multi-directional movement across its width.

The Snaptight Capping lengths must be assembled with a 3mm gap between the corresponding sections along the length of the building to allow for unrestricted float of the capping along the Snaptight Brackets.

Curved Capping

The Snaptight capping system is available in true curved sections which can be manufactured to virtually any radius.

Facetted Capping

As a budget alternative to true curved capping we are able to offer facetted sections to follow virtually any curve. These sections are generally supplied in 750mm to 1500mm sections depending on the radius and come with cranked buttstraps to suit.

Capping Accessories

With our specialist fabrication facilities we are able to offer a wide range of pre-fabricated accessories to minimise site cutting and ease of installation. These include internal and external corner units, T-sections, change in sections, Stopends, rising and falling cranks as well as any notching or pre-holing required.