Rain Water Management

Secret Fix Pipe
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Rain Pipe

Generally manufactured from extruded aluminium of varying wall thicknesses, dependent upon the cross section of the pipe. Pipe sections include 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and come in both sqaure and round

The mating lengths are assembled by means of a jointing collar welded to one end of the pipe. There is also an option for a secret fix jointing detail that allows the pipe stacks to be fixed directly to the cladding fabric with no visible fixings or exposed brackets.


A wide range of accessories are available which are generally manufactured from the same parent section as that of the main rainwater pipe.




Swan Necks, 'Y' Bends & Shoes

Outlets & Leaf Guards

Pipe stacks and accessories can be post polyester powder coated from a wide range of colours and gloss levels.