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Single and Double-Bank Louvres

The Fab 24 fixed blade louvre units are a cost effective range of single and double bank louvres for the cladding market. The configuration of the blade profile offers a good balance between weather resistance and air flow.

The louvre blades and mullions are pre-pressed from sheet, which affords greater flexibility in the manufacturing process as the finished louvre panel dimensions are unique to the customer’s requirements and are not dictated by the sole use of a standard louvre blade profile.

The individual louvre panels are factory assembled into easily manageable units that can be readily connected on-site to present an aesthetically attractive continuous louvred effect.

Louvre Doors

The louvre units can also be incorporated into single or double leaf doors to compliment the surrounding areas of louvred cladding.

Sun Louvres

The units are available manufactured from various extruded aluminium hollow sections, and from pre-pressed metal with blade profile configurations available to complement most project requirements.

Mock Louvres

It is an option to have mock louvre units manufactured to the identical profile to that as the live louvres.

Operable Louvres

Single bank louvre units are available with mechanically operated blades.

Mesh Guard

The units can be supplied with or without insect or bird meshes.


The louvre units are available in pre-coated steel and aluminium, post coated steel and aluminium, extruded aluminium, stainless steel, copper, zinc and mill finish aluminium and steel.