Plank & Soffit Systems

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The Fab 24 range of architectural inter-connecting plank profiles provide exciting options for forming interesting arrays of soffits, fascias and encasures. The plank units are secretly fixed to secondary steel rails, with the fixing centres dependent upon the plank metal substrate, its type of use and the location of the installation.

The various plank profiles offer the contractor a wide range of benefits from its ease of installation, competitive pricing and its aesthetic impact on the building. As an external wall cladding, the various plank options are weather resistant and can be readily erected as a vapour proof installation, if required by the building specification. The planks, when installed as an integral part of a fascia or a soffit assembly, ensure an aesthetically pleasing interface between the vertical and horizontal features of the building.

The plank profile options are available in pre-coated steel and aluminium, post coated steel and aluminium, stainless steel, copper, zinc, mill finish aluminium and steel.

Wedge Plank

Wall Plank

V- Plank

Tray Plank