Turret Punch Process Centre

Turret Punch Machine

FAB 24 has continually invested in the latest turret-punch machine tool technology. This represents our processing hub for all fabrications that have any flat sheet metal development requirements.

The turret-punch is partnered with a very powerful CAD software package that generates 3-D models and 2-D drawings, both of which are interfaced with a punching and tooling software package.

This method of sheet metal development allows us to convert the 3-D component models into a 2-D standard drawing format.

In comparison to that of using traditional methods for flat sheet metal development, FAB 24 can offer substantially reduced lead times, this coupled with the benefit of knowing that the developed shape(s) once formed will be dimensionally and geometrically correct.

Regardless of a component's complexity, once the 3-D model has been generated, and its developed flat shape has been precision punched and formed, the finished component will accurately replicate that of the 3-D model.


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